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Updated: Apr 3

Youngsters always have a ‘wheely’ good time at the Memorial – and now we are hoping to welcome a lot more of them to Capel-le-Ferne.


The Trust has been accepted as a member of the Wheels of Time scheme, which encourages youngsters to visit museums and heritage sites across the county, from 1 April.


Children aged from five to 11 have a special Wheels of Time lanyard to which they attach unique badges from each of the sites they visit.


There are currently 57 museums and heritage sites in Kent that are signed up to the popular scheme, all shown on Roamin' Rex's 2024 Map, a 12-page booklet highlighting all the exciting places where youngsters can have fun, learn about history and add another badge to their collection.


The badges are free to collect, although normal entry fees apply to the museum they are visiting. In the Memorial’s case, of course, The Scramble Experience is the only paid-for part of the visit. Youngsters can win a Roamin’ Rex Bronze Award by collecting 10 badges, a Silver Award for 20, Gold Award for 30 or Platinum Award for 40. Those who collect all 57 badges can claim a special 2024 Wheels of Time Award Badge.


There is more information at


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