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This superb interactive virtual tour gives you a taste of what is on offer at the Battle of Britain Memorial – although it doesn’t give you a taste of our excellent cream teas! The Memorial is a very special place, and while this presentation shows you what you can see, it doesn’t help you sense the unique atmosphere at its heart.


The clifftop setting and peaceful surroundings – broken occasionally by the sound of a Spitfire paying its respects overhead – make this a place you have to experience as well as see.


Stand on the clifftop and look out across the Channel to France and imagine what it was like in the summer and early autumn of 1940 when your view may well have been filled with the sight of Luftwaffe bombers, escorted by fighters, heading this way from just 20-something miles away.

Pay your respects at the National Memorial to the Few, where the badges of the squadrons and units that fought the Battle line the plinth, and then search the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall for names you recognise. Could this be your great grandfather?

Admire our replica fighter aircraft – noting how much bigger than the Spitfire the Hurricane is – and join the debate about which was the “best” (the answer is that they did different jobs and both played a vital part).

Visit The Scramble Experience, which has a huge amount of in-depth information that this virtual tour simply can’t show you, as well as hands-on activities that the kids will love. See who can shoot down the most enemy aircraft from our mock-up Hurricane cockpit before visiting the shop, then sample one of those excellent cream teas in the café with the best view in Kent.

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