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Sunday afternoon film at The Wing

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

An exciting wartime tale of two fighter pilots who were killed over Kent’s hop gardens and orchards as they took on the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain is being screened in The Wing at Capel-le-Ferne this autumn.

The King’s Machine will be shown at 2pm on Sunday 19 November in the Geoffrey Page Centre, the first of an occasional series of iconic films being screened in this iconic venue.

Filmmaker Phillip Day has said the film “traces the fascinating story of two young men from Yorkshire who went to the same school before the war and who signed up into the RAF Volunteer Reserve, one in a Spitfire, the other in a Hurricane”.

The King’s Machine is the most recent of four private, non-commercial presentations put together by Phillip, using archive footage, to tell some spectacular and inspiring wartime tales of events that happened in the sky over Kent in 1940.

The film lasts about 75 minutes and is, in Phillip’s words, “a fitting tribute to those who bravely faced frightening times with untold courage, fortitude and humour”.

Admission is free, but donations would be most welcome. The Trust is a charity that receives no public funding and depends on the generosity of visitors for everything it does to “remember the Few”.

There are limited seats available for this event, so please book by telephone on 01303 249292 or by emailing

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