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Sad news

Sad news from the site, where storm Ciaran has left its mark on the exposed, clifftop home of the Battle of Britain Memorial.

We suffered a fair bit of damage, including losing some tiles from the roof of Hunting Lodge, our library and resource centre, but more importantly, our replica Mk 1 Supermarine Spitfire took a battering.

The replica was blown off its wheels by the strong winds that carved their way through the site overnight, leaving it sitting on buckled undercarriage.

The Trust is taking expert advice on the damage and will have the Spitfire back on its wheels as soon as possible, but this is clearly a blow to the charity, which receives no public funding.

While our supporters probably can't fix the replica, they can help by visiting the site, browsing the superb gift ideas in our shop and perhaps having a bite to eat and drink in the cafe - or just putting some loose change in a collection box.

We'll have the Spitfire looking as good as new as soon as we can - and we look forward to seeing you at the site soon.

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