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Good news for supporters

We’ve got some good news for all our supporters and fund-raisers. After investigating a number of online donation platforms, we have decided to move from our existing supplier to a new platform called Raisely.

The good news for all our generous supporters is that Raisely has much lower overhead costs than our previous supplier, which means more of your donation goes straight to the Trust. It’s a much better deal for us and we are delighted to have signed up.

It costs around £250,000 a year to fund the Memorial, including keeping The Wing in operation so that it can tell the remarkable story of the brave airmen who saved this country from invasion in the summer and early autumn of 1940.

The Trust is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Few and to educating this and future generations about the Battle of Britain and the men who fought it, but despite it being the ‘National’ Memorial to the Few we receive no public funding.

While we work hard to attract visitors to The Scramble Experience, shop and café, we depend to a large extent on donations from friends and supporters, and the Raisely link is a simple, safe and secure way of donating to this worthwhile cause. Please support us today by following the link below.

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