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Fundraiser next on speaker list

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Our busy talks season continues with what promises to be a fascinating contribution from a different part of the aviation world.

Richard Chambers works as a fundraiser with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), the world's largest humanitarian airline, and will be outlining his work with the charity on Sunday 13 March at The Wing.

Although he works in the charitable sector, Richard has a family connection with the RAF. His father, John Chambers, was a Senior Aircraftman in the service in the 1950s, following in the footsteps of Richard's grandfather George, a pilot in No 207 Squadron of 5 Group, Bomber Command, a decade earlier.

With a 20-year history of working for (mainly domestic) charities, Richard has spent the past six years maintaining the family aviation links as a fundraiser with MAF, fulfilling a teenage ambition to help the world's poor.

All the talks start at 2.30pm and last for approximately one hour.

Ticket prices:

Friend of the Few (Hurricane) Free Entry

Friend of the Few (Spitfire) £5

Guest of Friend of the Few (max one per friend) £6

Non-members of Friends of the Few £12.

For bookings phone 01303 249292 or email

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