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Auction print on display

Updated: May 8

A stunning limited edition print being auctioned to help needy children in Uganda is currently on display in The Wing.


Robert Taylor's impressive painting depicts German Ace Erich Hartmann leading a swarm of Me109Gs as they half-roll into the attack high over the Russian front.


This work, signed by Hartmann, has become highly desirable to collectors and attracts huge interest on the rare occasions that one of the limited edition prints appears on the secondary market.


This example, which is limited edition number 78 of 1,250 and is expected to fetch around £1,000, is due to be auctioned on 18 May to help orphaned and abandoned children in Bucence Parish, South West Uganda. The auction is being held at The Puffins, Peene, just outside Folkestone, by permission of Peter Carrol and Lynn Beaumont, supporters of the charity.


The organisers of the auction have also agreed to contribute to the Trust’s coffers as a thank you for allowing the print to be displayed in The Wing ahead of the auction.


Eric Hartmann has become known as the world's top-scoring fighter pilot, having achieved 352 aerial victories during the second world war while flying the legendary Messerschmitt Me109.


He was known for his determination to "get in so close to your opponent that you cannot miss", a tactic that required considerable courage and skill and could also be hazardous, with flying debris from the aircraft he had just destroyed causing him to crash on eight occasions.


 For information on the auction or to place a bid, email Rev Canon Ken Berkin on or message him on 07854 409771.



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