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Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO

Register of interest for and purchase of a Memorial Stone in the Blade of Honour

Terms and Conditions - prepared September 2023


See also BBMT CIO Privacy Policy for further and general information on collecting personal data and protecting personal privacy which apply in addition to and alongside the information referred to below.



These specific Terms and Conditions relate to information collected when applying to register an interest (‘ROI’) in and, where appropriate, subsequently purchasing a memorial stone for, the Blade of Honour (‘BoH’) at the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel Le Ferne in Folkestone; collectively referred to as ‘these services’.


The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO (including The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and The Battle of Britain Memorial Ltd) ("The Trust") will respect the confidentiality of any personal data shared with it for these purposes, will keep it safe, and will make every effort to protect personal privacy of applicants.


The Trust operates in an honest and open manner and will always be clear how, when and why it collects and processes information and will not do anything with personal information that individuals would not reasonably expect.


Developing a better understanding of persons applying for ‘these services’ is important, and personal data of both the applicant and the associated veteran, will also allow us to confirm that said veteran can be registered and qualifies for a stone in the ‘BoH’.  


Qualification for inclusion of a veteran in the ‘BoH’ is proof of having served in some capacity with a direct connection to the Battle of Britain, in one of the Services or on the Home front, from 10 July to 31 October 1940, or up to one month either side of these dates.  Onus of provision of this proof lies with the applicant, but inclusion of a Veteran’s details will ultimately be at the discretion of ‘The Trust’, who will take reasonable steps to help prove the connection, but who will be the final arbiters. However, “The Trust” acknowledges that complete and official records may not be available for some roles. As a result “The Trust” will consider informal records in order to verify that, in all probability, your nominee served during the period required. 


The Trust adopts an 'opt-in' communication policy. This means that we will only send communications to those that have explicitly stated that they are happy for us to do so via their preferred channels, be that by email, SMS, phone or post.  However, it will be necessary to communicate directly with any applicant for ‘these services’ and our initial preference will be to do this by email or phone if possible.

We will not ask applicants to give permission to share their personal data or that of the Veteran, for whom they are applying, for inclusion on the ‘BoH’, with other organisations, other than that which will be on the memorial stone itself on the ‘BoH’ at the Battle of Britain Memorial site.


Specific Information Collected

Personal Information requested is primarily to aid with proof of qualification for the veteran and depending on may include: 




    Phone number(s)

    Email address

    Relationship to the nominated veteran

    Bank or credit card details for payments associated with ‘these services’


The nominated Veteran’s:



    Title/Rank (current or final if known)

    Post nominal awards (if relevant)

    Surname at birth (if different to when serving)

    Date of Birth (if known)

    Birth place (if known)

    Nationality (if known)

    Date of death (if applicable/known)

    And during the Battle of Britain:

    Organisation served in 

    Unit(s) served in 

    Unit location(s)



    Service Numbers

The above information may be collected via:

    Digital forms completed via our website 

    Telephone conversations or face-to-face interviews

    Email correspondence

    Any additional paper forms you complete

    Publicly available sources to validate the war record of the nominated veteran


Storage of Information Provided:

The Trust will ensure that there are appropriate physical and technical controls in place to protect personal details. For example, the online forms completed when applying for ‘these services’ are stored on protected network(s) and routinely monitored. The Trust will ensure that the information is only accessible by appropriately trained staff, volunteers and contractors. Any external companies used to process personal data on our behalf including the stonemasons who will engrave the stones, are subject to checks before The Trust appoints them and a contract will be put in place which will include The Trust’s expectations and requirements regarding the management of such personal data provided.


Length of Storage of Information Provided

Contact information for the applicant and veteran remembered on the ‘BoH’ will be retained as long as deemed necessary but at least until the stones are laid and unveiled. Information also provided for other services such as ‘Friends of the Few’ will be kept separately for that purpose as per separate Terms and Conditions.  Information provided with an ‘ROI’ will not be kept if no further purchase is completed.


Use of the Information Provided:

Information provided by you on the nominated Veteran will be used as the basis of any investigations required to confirm the Veteran’s qualification for inclusion in the ‘BoH’. The onus of proof of this qualification lies with the applicant, who is expected to provide sufficient information to facilitate such confirmation, but ‘The Trust’ have the final say on who qualifies for inclusion.


If it is deemed that insufficient information is supplied, the Applicant can submit further information.  If still deemed insufficient, the procedure for challenging the decision by ‘The Trust’ will be handled on a case by case basis.


Once agreed that the veteran qualifies for inclusion on the ‘BoH’ then any information that has been provided will be used by The Trust as appropriate for the stone in line with the agreed engraving.


Additional Information: 

Further information on data handling can be found on ‘The Trust’s Website within the Privacy Policy and Legal statements.



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