Take the controls of our Hurricane

Would-be Hurricane pilots can now try their hand at intercepting and shooting down enemy aircraft while piloting the fighter, thanks to a new exhibit in The Scramble Experience at The Wing.

The full-size replica of a Hurricane cockpit allows visitors to sit in the aircraft, ‘fly’ it to the right height using a realistic joystick and then try to find camouflaged enemy aircraft on a computer simulation.

Hurricane experience

“It highlights just how difficult it must have been for Hurricane pilots in the Battle of Britain,” explained Battle of Britain Memorial Trustee Andy Simpson.

“It’s tricky to control the aircraft while also looking out for the enemy and then finding and intercepting them. The great thing is that it’s suitable for all ages; youngsters will just see it as another kind of video game, but parents will also find it a real challenge.

“The Scramble Experience is full of interactive exhibits as well as lots of fascinating information about the Few, and the Hurricane exhibit adds another dimension to that. It’s also good for repeat visitors to see something new.”

Missions in the Hurricane last for three minutes and are free to anyone who has paid to visit The Scramble Experience.

Funding for the new exhibit came from a legacy left by Mr Peter Taylor in memory of his mother Ivy, known to everyone as ‘Billy’.

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