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It never rains...

Sad news from the site following the storms that raged across Kent last week and damaged both our replicas on the way.

Capel-le-Ferne is very exposed, and the Memorial’s situation on the edge of Kent’s famous White Cliffs, while dramatic and thought provoking, does put it in the way of the worst of the winter weather.

CCTV has confirmed that both the Spitfire and Hurricane replicas were damaged late at night on the evening of Wednesday 20 January as the storm passed through. The Trust is investigating the cost of repairs, but clearly this is bad news in already difficult times.

The Spitfire is currently cordoned off for health and safety reasons. If you visit the clifftop site using the pedestrian gate, please respect the cordon and don’t climb through or over it. The Wing and the car park remain closed in line with government lockdown rules.

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