Set your alarm for Sunday!

We are getting very excited about our virtual Memorial Day, scheduled for this coming Sunday (12 July) at 11am.

Of course we would rather see you all at the site, enjoying  the colour and atmosphere that is such a great part of this yearly commemoration, but having seen a sneak preview of the online version, it really is going to be something special.

The other good news is that because it’s online, this year’s event can be enjoyed by everyone; wherever you are on Sunday, just log in using this link and you can be part of this great occasion.

Here’s the man who’s pulled it all together, AVM The Ven Ray Pentland CB, Hon Chaplain to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, to whet your appetite a little more…


2 thoughts on “Set your alarm for Sunday!

    Red Leaf Flyer
    1 second ago
    Thank you commemorating this historical and mind-numbing event. Aircrews and groundcrews from around the world helped Britain and the RAF defeat the undefeated. Also, I would ask everyone to remember that the majority of RAF fighters winning this instrumental battle were Hawker Hurricanes. Far to often the glory goes to the brilliant Supermarine Spitfire, while the Hurricane is ignored. We all need to remember the majority of destroyed German aircraft fell to the much forgotten Hurricane. Come on people. She’s worthy of far more recognition and accolades than what she has received. If anyone is truly interested in commemorating this event and all those that participated, they must remember this valiant aircraft and all those that helped her save Britain. Sic Itur Ad Astra.

    Dear Daniel,

    We treat both fighter aircraft the same, you are right that the Hurricane was more successful in the battle but it still needed the Spitfire in support.

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