PT instructors face 80-mile challenge for the Trust

A group of super-fit PT instructors from RAF Cosford will be putting their training to the test when they complete an 80-mile challenge in aid of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust.

The serving RAF members will be wearing Trust tee-shirts during their ‘Spitfire 80-miler’ relay walk around the RAF Cosford running track while carrying 38kg – the reported weight of a Spitfire propeller – in backpacks.

The event, which is taking place on Saturday 5 September, will not only mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain but will also mark the fact that this is the 100th PTI course to have been run at the School of Physical Training at RAF Cosford.

One of the organisers, AC Jedd Evans, explained: “As this year marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain the course felt it was important to pay their respects by raising money for the trust, especially after the impact COVID-19 has had.

“Each member of the course will walk 5.7 Miles, which is equivalent to 9200m, or 23 laps of the track, in a relay format, with course members walking in pairs.” The aim of the challenge is for the group to complete 80 miles, with each new pair taking over when the previous pair finishes, within 14 hours.

Supporters can help by contributing via the group’s Crowdfunder page at—the-spitfire-80-miler

RAF Cosford PT instructurs

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