Please support the Trust in this anniversary year

This year marks the 80th anniversary of one of the most critical battles fought by this country in the whole of the 20th century.

As well as honouring the memory of the Few during this year of commemoration, the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust has launched an anniversary appeal to raise vital funds to support the charity’s ongoing work.

the Battle of Britain was important not just because it prevented an invasion by Hitler but also because of the influence it had on the progress of the Second World War.

Had the RAF lost the Battle and the Germans swept across the Channel, the D-Day invasion that took place 76 years go this June could not have been launched from the south coast, which would have been under Nazi control.

Without the invasion, and the bravery shown by the Allies on the Normandy beaches and beyond, it is unlikely that VE Day would have happened as early as 8 May the following year – an event that will be commemorated across the country in 2020 as the nation marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the war.

The Battle of Britain played a vital part in ending that war by preserving this nation’s independence in 1940, and the Trust is proud to be playing its part in marking the 80th anniversary of that event.

It has also launched a £250,000 appeal to make improvements to the site and help it continue to tell this vital story to future generations.

The Trust has already raised £60,000 which has been used to install a set of gates that once hung at RAF Biggin Hill, renovate the propellors at the entrance to the site and  improve the acoustics and black-out capabilities of the Geoffrey Page Centre within The Wing.

Funds are still needed to carry out vital upgrades to The Scramble Experience in The Wing. Launched five years ago to tell the tale of the Battle, the Experience needs a new central film to add to its appeal and allow the Trust to continue its important educational role. The Trust also plans to upgrade the specialist projection equipment while making it more energy-efficient in order to reduce future running costs.

This is a special year of commemoration for everyone with an interest in the Battle of Britain and the Trust is hoping supporters will contribute to continuing to keep alive the memory of the Few. Every donation helps – please email to find out how you can help – or BACS transfer your donation to NatWest 60-01-21  a/c no 56679459, using the reference ’80th appeal’.


Please support our appeal to help us continue to rememver the Few


4 thoughts on “Please support the Trust in this anniversary year

    Hi, I’m a custom lego Builder , I have been invited to attend Brickmania toyworks in USA in June for the World War Brick convention .
    I was tantent spotted , last September for making a Hawker Hurricane . I met the designers and Director of company at Bovington Tank Museum in October .
    As at the time a Fan , I asked about relaunching their spitfire and BF109 for the 80th Aniversary . They took this on and launched a product in Jan .
    However I been invited over to do a Battle of Britain workshop . And I’ve two ,one hour Talks to do . First talk is on the Blitz / home defence , and Second is on the Battle of Britain its self .
    I am after some help if you can , I know it may seem rather Cheeky to ask , but after a poster for the 80th Aniversary , and photos of you Mk2 spitfire and and Hurricane , these would be all better sent via email so I can put on USB stick .
    I’ve visited BBMF once , and still enjoy the book I bought . Unfortantly one Hurricane was missing due to the accident where it was burnt out . I saw City of lincoln at St Athen in 1994 . I was a air cadet.
    I’ve supported the various Charitys linked to RAF etc .
    I feel that my talk will prompt many Americans and Brickmania to Visit the BBMF. I hope to here from you.
    Some links for your Refrence

    Kind Regards
    Simon Jones

    Dear Simon,

    Whilst the Brickmania sounds interesting, I think you have the wrong place, this is the Battle of Britain memorial Trust and not the Battle of Britain memorial Flight.




    It looks like you’ve misspelled the word “Drem” on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


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