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Three fund-raising runners who set out to raise £1 for each of the nearly 3,000 members of the Few in support of two Battle of Britain charities are now hoping to make three times that sum.

Author and top Battle of Britain Memorial Trust supporter Jonny Cracknell was joined by Chris Marsh and Chris Scott on their 80-plus mile sponsored run to mark the 80th anniversary of the 1940 aerial conflict.

They were planning to hand over the results of their marathon effort to representatives of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and the Kent Battle of Britain Museum this month, but with lockdown stopping that happening, the trio has decided to leave the appeal ongoing.

And with a total of £8,100 in the kitty already, they are hoping that the extra time may allow supporters to boost the final total to £9,000, which will mean each runner making what the whole team set out to achieve originally.

“By the time we finished the run we had raised almost £7,000, and with additional donations, that has gone up by another £1,000 or so,” Jonny explained. “We can’t organise a handover event just yet so we thought we would keep the appeal going. It would be nice to raise a bit more and then present it once the lockdown is over.”

Driver Iain Willis was another vital member of the team as it ran from the headquarters of the Aircraft Restoration Company in Duxford to the Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne, via more than a dozen stops at places with RAF or Battle of Britain links.

Supporters can sponsor the team by visiting www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/battleofbritain80

Jonny and the team

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