Join relatives of the Few at this year’s Westminster Abbey Service

Would you like to join relatives of the Few at this year’s Battle of Britain service of thanksgiving and rededication in Westminster Abbey?

A limited number of seats are now available for this memorable occasion and the Trust has been asked to invite members of the public to take advantage of the opportunity.

The service, which will mark the 79th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, will be held at 11am on Sunday, 15 September.

Anyone who wishes to attend should write to Mrs Michele Small, SO3 RAF Ceremonial Events, RAF Ceremonial Office, Bentley Priory Building, RAF Northolt, West End Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 6NG.

You will need to include the full name, address, telephone number, email address, plate and date of birth and passport or driving licence number of everyone who wishes to attend.

To assist with seating, those who wish to attend should let the office know if they are relatives of aircrew who lost their lives in the Battle or since, past or present members of the RAF, members of the emergency services or groundcrew during the Battle or a member of the public. Please also let the office know if you are a wheelchair user.



3 thoughts on “Join relatives of the Few at this year’s Westminster Abbey Service

    2020 Battle of Britain Westminister Abbey Thanksgiving Service: can you pls advise the date and when applications by post open for this event? Thanks, John

    I would be interested in attending the Battle of Britain service at Westminster Abbey this September
    I served for 31 years in the Royal Observer Corps I would wish to apply for 2 tickets

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