Is your grandfather on our wall?

Or your uncle, brother or great-grandfather?

Photographer Barry Duffield has taken a photograph of each of the panels on the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall so that relatives around the world can experience the same sense of pride visitors to the National Memorial to the Few at Capel-le-Ferne experience.

While we know our overseas friends will welcome this innovation, we hope that relatives will still want to visit the wall to see the names for themselves – as well as all the other attractions at the National Memorial.

Click here for links to the photographs.



9 thoughts on “Is your grandfather on our wall?

    Hi Just found out & confirmed (birth, death & marriage certs compared with info from BoB Memorial people & a combat report), Cyril Joseph Saward who is on the wall and on BoB Memorial in London is a blood relative from my direct line. We have an interesting family military history incl my father (Hurricane pilot Nth Africa initially before a crash), my grandfather on mothers side in RFC in WW1, several cousins in RAF (Typhoon pilot shot down over France), RNZAF (from family who migrated to N, and MM MC winner at The Somme in RE, uncle in BEF Forces in France. if I am still in UK on 9th July will come down.

    Good Morning Brian
    Thank you for your comments and it is lovely to hear you have a family connection to one of The Few. I passed on your comments to our Hon Secretary and events organiser who were wondering if you would like to be added to our mailing list for events etc. Regarding this year’s Memorial Day they said the following:
    ” We would certainly wish to invite them. When you reply please would you be kind enough to
    ask them to contact us either by phone on 01732 870809 or email as I would be able to
    get them into the marquee.”

    Best Wishes

    Good afternoon Claire
    As per the article if you follow the link it will take you to the photograph panels of the Memorial Wall.
    The names on the wall reflect aircrew who made at least one operational sortie in a unit under the control of RAF Fighter Command between the specified dates.
    If you do find your fathers name on the wall please get in touch as the Trust would be more than happy to add you to our family relatives database for future events, details etc if agreeable.
    Best Wishes
    Assistant Manager

    My grandfather was in 59 squadron in a blenheim when he was sadly shot down in a mission over France on 8th August 1940. I cannot find his name in the list of names on the wall- why is this as he seems to qualify for the time period, plane and 1 operational sortie?
    Thanks for your help- I would like to bring my Mum to the memorial

    My Grandad was in 59th squadron in a blenheim when he was sadly shot down on 8th August 1940 during a mission over Cherbourg. I cannot find his name on the list: Barrington W. Beaumont- do you know why?

    Dear Trudy,

    he does not appear on our wall because he was probably flying under Bomber Command and not Fighter Command. Under Fighter Command all aircrew needed to have flown at least one operational Sortie to qualify as on of “The Few”.

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