Former NATO Secretary General visits

A former Secretary General of NATO visited the Memorial this morning (Thurs 6 Dec) to explain its significance to Danish TV viewers for one episode of a six-part series.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who is also a former Danish Prime Minister, was on the final leg of a journey through six European countries accompanied by Danish wine enthusiast Morten Brink Iwersen.

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation series, called To Europe, shows the two presenters discussing the future of the continent while visiting sites of historic interest alongside some of Europe’s great wine districts.

On the last stage of a trip that had already taken in Germany, Hungary, Italy, France and Spain, Anders showed Morten (and the Danish viewers) the significance of the National Memorial to the Few and its role in highlighting the importance of the Battle of Britain in shaping Europe.

As well as the Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne, the visitors were due to visit sparkling wine makers, MP Damian Green and fishermen in Rye, discussing the future of the country as the Brexit deadline approaches.

In Germany the pair visited the bridge across the Rhine at Remagen, captured by Allied troops in 1945 and shortening the second world war. In Hungary they visited a border fence erected to keep migrants out of the country, in Italy they toured a palace in Bologna said to demonstrate the disparity between north and south Italy, in France they visited a village memorial to the fallen in both world wars and in Spain they visited Belchite, a ghost town devastated in the Spanish Civil War.

Danish visit

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, site manager Jules Gomez, Morten Brink Iwersen, producer Jacob Basbøll and camera operator Debbie Kuhr.

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