Coming soon – 100 days of the Few

Every day from 24 March to 1 July this year, the Trust will be focusing on one of the men who took part in the Battle of Britain.

We’ve picked 100 men in what we hope will be seen as a fitting tribute to the centenary, this year, of the formation of the Royal Air Force. The names we have chosen reflect the diversity of the Few, the men who fought to protect not just this country but the free world from the threat of invasion.

From well-known Aces to those who were equally brave but whose achievements were less dramatic, and across all ranks, nationalities, squadrons and units, we will be featuring a broad cross-section of men from the fewer than-3,000 who took part in the Battle.

We’ve called this feature “100 Days of the Few” and planned it to end on 1 July, when the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust will be holding its annual Memorial Day at Capel-le-Ferne.

Each post will appear here first before being added to a comprehensive list that can be seen here, allowing visitors to the site to look back through all the previous entries.

Please join us from 24 March to 1 July as we celebrate and commemorate 100 of the Few to mark 100 years of the RAF.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon – 100 days of the Few

    I’m not wholly convinced this is an appropriate manner in which to celebrate the centenary of the RAF. It reminds me of what the RAFM in Northolt did with their ‘People’s Spitfire Pilot’ poll, which, when so called ‘results’ were published, contained not only embarrassing inaccuracies
    but managed to upset a good many people. I’m not suggesting the same thing will happen here but the fact is, every pilot who took up a Hurricane, Spitfire, Blenheim or any of the other planes who flew in the Battle of Britain, whether they lasted three months or three minutes, are all heroes and veterans and as such I can’t see how you can choose just 100 of them. They are all accorded every respect and honour at this deeply moving memorial site – let that stand in itself as a centenary tribute in this special year.

    Thank you for your comment. As you point out, the Memorial does pay its respects to every one of the airmen who flew, and we will continue to that. This is not an attempt to ‘rank’ the airmen but will pick out people from different walks of life – from those who became Aces to those who may only have flown one sortie. The whole point is to show the wide variety of men who flew, their different circumstances and the way in which they all contributed to victory. We believe that by doing this we will enhance the memory of all of them, not single out particular members of ‘the Few’.

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