Car owners dig deep to support the Trust

Three members of the Ramsgate Old Motor and Motorcycle Club returned to the site a few weeks after their hugely successful car show to present site manager Jules Gomez with a £500 “thank you” for hosting the event.

Steve Lutz, Peter Harvey and Alan West handed over the cheque, which represented money raised during the Bonnets and Wings event at which 108 highly polished and lovingly cared for machines went on display at the clifftop Memorial site. Boosted by fine weather, the turnout surprised even the organisers and made the day a great success.

One thought on “Car owners dig deep to support the Trust

    Hi there,

    Our car club really enjoyed Bonnets and wings last year and can quite easily see this becoming a firm favourite. I was even moved to write an article on the event for our website.

    Could you please tell me if this event is to go ahead in 2019 as I can quite well see at least 300-400 cars applying this year as word really got around the classic car scene about the show. I even had an enquiry from a French club in Northern France when I started to discuss it more widely and people began to read the article.

    A copy of the article can be found at:

    Please let me know about this fantastic show as it was probably one of the best of the season and is destined to become a future favourite with classic enthusiasts.

    Best regards Paul Newberry

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