Artist’s Battle of Britain painting to help Trust funds

An artist whose painting was inspired by a photograph he spotted on this website has offered to give the Trust 10% of the sale price of the work he produced.

Scott McLachlan created a unique oil painting based on a 1940 picture of a group of RAF pilots racing towards their aircraft in response to the call to “scramble’.

He contacted the Trust as a courtesy – and then offered to donate part of the proceeds of the painting, which is about 1.2m by 0.6m and is for sale for £5,000.

Scott is a product designer by day and describes himself as a “keen amateur”, although his work is becoming increasingly recognised. Although Scottish, he currently lives and works in The Netherlands.

“As a child I was into everything to do with World War 2 and joined the ATC in order to become a pilot,” the 54 year-old explained. “Sadly that never happened, but I am still very interested in the subject, and the RAF in particular.

“The photograph of the airmen racing towards their fighters caught my imagination and I just had to paint it. Since the inspiration came from the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust’s website I thought I would like to donate a share of the sale price to the charity.”

To enquire about the painting, contact the site or get in touch with Scott via his website at



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