Another great reason to become a Friend

A remarkable story of how the family of one of the Few came to discover he had served in the Battle of Britain is told in the latest issue of 1940, the annual publication for members of the Friends of the Few.

The high quality booklet features unique stories about the men of the Battle of Britain and is only available to Friends. No 18, currently being distributed, tells how the family of Flight Lieutenant P A Mortimer merely knew that he had been killed while serving in the RAF during the Second world War.

It was only when his granddaughter Wendy was looking through a copy of the new edition of Men of the Battle of Britain – the most comprehensive guide to the airmen who took part – that she learned the truth.

The third edition of Men of the Battle, by Kenneth G Wynn, was published by the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, which bought the rights to the book. Unique slip-cased copies signed by members of the Few are available from our online shop by clicking here.

Another interesting feature in Issue No 18 of 1940 looks at the contrast in backgrounds between different members of the Few. As an example it contrasts the backgrounds of Demetriadi and Rhodes-Moorhouse, who came from wealthy families, were educated at Eton and flew with “The Millionaires’ Mob” with that of Franklin, the son of a general labourer who was born in the East End and attended Thomas Street Central School, Limehouse.

Joining Friends of the Few is not just the only way to get hold of your copy of Issue No 18, but will also see you receive all 17 previous issues. It’s a great – and exclusive – read and just one of a number of great reasons to join the Friends. Click here to find out more.

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