10 July – The Battle is considered officially to have started on this date.

8 August
Battle of Convoy CW9; intense fighting over the Channel, particularly off the Isle of Wight.

11 August
Battle of Portland; the RAF beats off attacks on the Portland naval base, but suffers heavy casualties.

13 August
Adler Tag, the day on which, according to the German plans, Fighter Command should have been severely damaged.

15 August
Black Thursday for the Luftwaffe, with severe losses.

16 August
In an action over Southampton Flight Lieutenant James Nicolson of 249 Squadron earns Fighter Command’s only Victoria Cross.

18 August
Fighter Command’s Hardest Day. The Luftwaffe launches major attacks on the airfields at Biggin Hill and Kenley Many more attacks on airfields followed during the rest of August and the first days of September.

7 September
The first mass attack on London.

15 September
The last large daylight attack on London. Later this date will become Battle of Britain Day.

31 October
The official end of the Battle.