Is your relative on the wall?

The Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall is engraved with the names of all those who were awarded the Battle of Britain Clasp following the aerial battle that took place between July and October 1940.

There are debates to this day about the eligibility criteria for the Clasp and new names are sometimes added to the list, but the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust has no jurisdiction over the list of men known as the Few.

Trust photographer Barry Duffield has taken photographs of each panel on the wall to allow relatives who may find it hard to visit the site – or who want to know whether or not their father, brother, husband, grandfather or uncle is featured – to check the list.

We hope that seeing the name of a loved one here will inspire you to visit this beautiful site for yourself and pay your respects not just by looking at the wall but by pausing at the Memorial itself, taking a look at our replica Spitfire and Hurricane and pausing on the top of the White Cliffs of Dover to look across towards France and reflect on those momentous days in 1940.