Car park improvements to get under way

With work about to start on providing much-needed new car parking spaces at the Battle of Britain Memorial, visitors and our neighbours have been warned that a number of trees are due to be cleared at the site.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust has stressed that in the long term, landscaping at the site will be more attractive than it is now, with new trees due to be planted once building work is complete.

In the meantime, the Trust is asking people to be patient as the existing scrubland is cleared to make way for 87 new parking spaces, including four disabled bays.

The Memorial site has been short of parking since the new visitor centre – The Wing – opened in March 2015, with events such as Memorial Day – this year planned for 9 July – proving particularly difficult.

Work to solve that problem will involve clearing many of the trees and coppicing others down to just 0.3m above the ground in order to improve them in the long term. The remaining coppiced woodland will be enhanced with additional new tree planting as shown on the architect’s drawing below.

The Trust promises that the coppicing and new planting will result in “a great improvement on the existing poor quality scrub” but admits that in the short term the landscape on the Hunting Lodge side of the site and will look “extremely bare”.

Tree clearance works are due to start on 27 February and should take about a week or so.

2 thoughts on “Car park improvements to get under way

    Dear Sir/Madame.
    Just wonder what considerations you have though about regarding motorcycle parking at The BoB Memorial.
    I have heard numerous comments from fellow bikers that have visited the site and all have commented on the fact your car park is covered with shale, which is fairly dangerous for motorcycles maneuvering on.
    Motorcycles do not take up much room compared to cars, would it be possible to have a dedicated bike parking area which has a solid base.

    Dear Mark,
    Thank you for your comments on the parking issues appertaining to motorcycles. Unfortunately we currently do not have plans for a designated motorcycle parking area, I hope you will appreciate that car parks are not cheap to maintain and at the time, the surface that it currently has was what the Trust could afford. We have recently have had planning permission to extend the car park but one of the provisos was that we cannot tarmac the area. We will look to see if in the new extension we can have a small area for motorcycles.
    We have had many pre-arranged motorcycle clubs visiting and for this we can house them on a hard-standing road within the site which we are always happy for motorcyclist to use, this i would strongly recommend for group that are planning on visiting us, it doesn’t cost anything and the bikes are safe. I hope this has answered your query to some extent.

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