09 Dec 2016

Artist’s Battle of Britain painting to help Trust funds

An artist whose painting was inspired by a photograph he spotted on this website has offered to give the Trust 10% of the sale price of the work he produced.

Scott McLachlan created a unique oil painting based on a 1940 picture of a group of RAF pilots racing towards their aircraft in response to the call to “scramble’.

He contacted the Trust as a courtesy – and then offered to donate part of the proceeds of the painting, which is about 1.2m by 0.6m and is for sale for £5,000.

Scott is a product designer by day and describes himself as a “keen amateur”, although his work is becoming increasingly recognised. Although Scottish, he currently lives and works in The Netherlands.

“As a child I was into everything to do with World War 2 and joined the ATC in order to become a pilot,” the 54 year-old explained. “Sadly that never happened, but I am still very interested in the subject, and the RAF in particular.

“The photograph of the airmen racing towards their fighters caught my imagination and I just had to… Read more

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1 Dec 2016

Moving archive footage given new lease of life

One of our trustees realised a while ago that we had some moving archive footage of the Battle of Britain that was no longer getting airplay simply because it had been used to raise funds for The Wing. The message at the end of the film was now out of date – but the rest […]… Read more

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17 Nov 2016

Ground crew hero’s last wish granted

While the National Memorial to the Few pays tribute to the aircrew who flew in the summer and early autumn of 1940, the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust  recognises the huge debt also owed by the country to the ground crew who kept the aircraft flying. This story in The Sun tells how one of […]… Read more

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31 Oct 2016

Interesting photographs of the Battle published

A magazine called Business Insider has marked the 76th anniversary of the official end of the Battle of Britain by publishing a short feature accompanied by some interesting photographs. The story itself tells us nothing new (and gets the start date wrong), but the pictures are worth a look. You can read it here… Read more

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21 Oct 2016

Funding boost for Biggin Hill tribute

Our friends at Biggin Hill have received a massive funding boost to their plans for a new tourist attraction with news of a £2million grant. Read the whole story here… Read more

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29 Dec 2015

A few years after the Battle but still worth a read

The Kent and Sussex Courier printed a seasonally appropriate tale about bomber pilot Jack Harris, whose Lancaster bombed Cologne on Christmas Eve, 1944. You can read the whole story by clicking this link… Read more

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14 Dec 2015

How motorcyclist Beatrice tackled a tricky Spitfire problem

A Canadian researcher explains how British aeronautical engineer Beatrice (Tilly) Shilling saved the lives of Spitfire pilots during the Second World War in this short video. North Vancouver researcher Dennis Molnar explains how Tilly’s love of motorcycles helped her discover why Spitfire engines were prone to cutting out when the fighters dived – and how […]… Read more

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16 Jul 2015

Support from our overseas friends

Memorial Day on 12 July once again attracted great support from some of the nations whose brave men helped defend the country against the Luftwaffe. Both the Czech and Slovak Republics were represented, as this story on the Free Czechoslovak Air Force website reveals… Read more

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29 Jun 2015

New RAF film shows the Battle of Britain

The RAF has released a two-part documentary looking at the Battle of Britain from the point of view of one of the Few and a contemporary RAF pilot from the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The video was produced five years ago as part of the commemorations for the 70th anniversary of the battle […]… Read more

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